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Emily and Matt were our final photography + videography clients for 2019 and they’re wedding was the perfect day to close out the year (and decade)! We could not have asked for a more lovely December day and Barnsley Resort provided the most beautiful setting to host this fun couple. We did their engagement session¬†at […]

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Ah, the beginnings of fall in Georgia. The air is still hot and humid, the leaves are green, and our A/C bills are still running rampant. But we faithfully pull out our sweaters, trade our sandals for booties, put soup in the crockpot and sip on pumpkin spice lattes, because we know that Fall is […]

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Though it has been wedding season in my professional life, there is no doubt that my personal life has hit baby season! So many of my friends are growing their families right now and I am just so blessed to witness all these wonderful women transition into motherhood. All three of my college bridesmaids had […]

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College roommates form a special relationship which few compare to. Nothing says “intimate” like living with someone during the most formative years of their young adulthood. I believe that roommates can really make or break your college experience. I was one of the lucky ones. Shannon and I met in our BCM small group freshman […]

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As we look back over 2017 and all the moments we captured, we are once again floored by how God has blessed us with such amazing couples to serve! We combed through the thousands and thousands of images and clips to pick out our favorite ones, and in doing so we were reminded of the […]