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Evan and I met Katie and Nick in February 2017 and I remember we sat and talked to them for a long time about totally non-wedding things. Katie grew up in Gwinnett County, where she is now an elementary school Special Education teacher and now they are living in Athens where we all went to […]

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I remember hearing Branigan and Trey’s “How We Met” story and thinking that it would make a perfect opening scene to a movie. They were both in school at Columbus State University and Branigan attended an open tryout for the softball team. Trey’s dad happened to be there and took notice of Branigan. “He went […]

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I never used to believe in high school sweethearts getting married and living happily ever after, but I have been amazed this year at the number of couples we serve who have proved me wrong! Danielle and Skyler are living proof that this kind of love exists. The two grew up in Winder and met […]

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“In my family, a symbol of God being near is the sight of a butterfly… something as simple as a butterfly has always reminded my family that even if we are not physically together, we are still together. Seeing a butterfly lets us all know that God is with us; we are safe and protected.” […]

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Sarah + Chad Stanfield | Wedding Photography | Greenville, GA | Abby Manor 

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Caitlin and Hunter Strickland’s romantic, Christmas-themed wedding at Historic Smithonia Farm on December 19, 2016.