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I’ve been looking forward to Lauren and Andrew’s Wheeler House wedding since we shot a reception there in 2018. It is such a romantic little venue with a lot of character. Spring can be a risky time to get married – you never know what you’re going to get! Luckily, Lauren and Andrew were blessed […]

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Lindsay and Andrew got married on a lovely November day in LaGrange, Georgia. Evan and I had never been to LaGrange before, but we got to stop at several different spots for photographs throughout the wedding day and we loved the quiet charm of this small town! We started the day at Lindsay’s parent’s house […]

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Lauren and Andrew met up with me at UGA’s North Campus for their engagement session. The location was fitting, as they are both alumni of UGA – Andrew as an undergrad and Lauren as a grad student. We were able to sneak onto campus just before the rush of students moved in for the new […]