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This break in our regularly scheduled pretty and perfected photos is brought to you by our annual behind the scenes blog. Our most fun blog of the year, showing what happens on the other side of the lens! There is no denying we have a lot of fun doing what you do, and we hope you […]

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As we look back over 2017 and all the moments we captured, we are once again floored by how God has blessed us with such amazing couples to serve! We combed through the thousands and thousands of images and clips to pick out our favorite ones, and in doing so we were reminded of the […]

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Evan and I are about to come off of a 9-week break from weddings. Aside from delivering our summer weddings and a few engagement sessions here and there, we have been using this time to rest and refocus. We can’t lie, it has been ah-mazing to have the weekends free to spend with our friends […]

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The best of 2016!! Wedding, engagement, ring, behind the scenes and video highlights from 2016

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An update on our newly launched We Two Missions!