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I love New Year’s. I think it’s highly underrated and might even say it’s my favorite holiday, if I weren’t afraid the Christmas-lovers would accuse me of being a heathen and a Grinch. As holidays go, New Year’s is just big enough to get people time off of work, but not so big that people […]

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December 16th is, for us, an anniversary of sorts. It’s not our wedding, or our proposal, or even our first date. I’m not sure even sure what to call it, other than just the day I wrote this poem. A week before December 16th, about a month before Jenna and I started dating, I asked a group of […]

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Why are we not talking about the way we’re talking? Why is it we look at James 3 and see the tongue is deadly poison, untamable, a restless evil set on fire by hell and take that as little more than a simplistic charge to avoid saying a handful of four-letter words As if the […]

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“The elf took absolutely no notice of Harry and the rest. Acting as though it could not see them, it shuffled hunchbacked, slowly and doggedly, towards the far end of the room, all the while muttering under its breath in a hoarse, deep voice like a bullfrog’s. ‘…smells like a drain and a criminal to […]