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Katie | Tribble Mill Park | Portrait Photographer


November 29, 2018

Katie Greenway is one of the kindest, sweetest people I have the pleasure of knowing. I was so thrilled when she told me she wanted to do a portrait session with me! I had just posted on Instagram about the importance of individuals getting professional photographs done, even in the midst of “mundane” seasons of life. That struck a chord with Katie, who had never had her photograph taken (professionally). She recently graduated from UGA with a wildlife biology degree and is now working as an animal care tech at UGA.

We met at UGA in the Baptist Collegiate Ministry. Katie was a freshman, and a quiet one, but she quickly became everyone’s favorite person because of how well she genuinely cared for people. Even though I graduated not too long after that, it has been so cool to see Katie grow in leadership at the B and make such a big impact on the people around her.

Katie is a loyal friend and I’m lucky to have her. She has also become a huge help in our business this past year, as she has joined me for several sessions and weddings to be my right hand gal. I love this girl and had SO much fun exploring Tribble Mill Park with her and finally getting to work FOR her (though she did have to grab my bag a few times for me when I forgot it – ha!)

Life after college can be a tough transition, and I’m glad that Katie took some time to celebrate and embrace the season she is in. I think Katie said it best: “It seems like everything about this season of life is constantly changing and filled with uncertainty… but I’m learning that there’s a beauty in all of it that I’m hoping to capture.”

Change and beauty. I’d say that the trees and the weather made it the perfect moment to capture exactly that! Love you, Katie!

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