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Ashley + Kevin Wedding | 550 Trackside | Photographer

Wedding Photo, Weddings

September 20, 2018

“It was not love at first sight.”

That’s what Ashley said when she told me how she and Kevin first met. Not what I expected to hear, but I love their story. Kevin became a volunteer for Ashley when she was the middle school youth minister about 8 years ago. Kevin like Ashley, but was quite literally called into her office to be told that it “wasn’t happening.” (If I could insert a crying laughing emoji here, I would.) Fortunately, Kevin didn’t give up on Ashley and they began to date after several years of pursuit on the part of Kevin.

Kevin eventually took over Ashley’s job, and she moved on to work for Lifeteen, a Catholic youth ministry organization. They got married at St. Monica’s Catholic Church in August, in the same place their relationship began all those years ago.

Ashley started out at the couple’s new home, where the girls were busy getting ready, and Kevin got ready with his guys at the church. True to form, Kevin also spent the morning vlogging the day with his camera. (You can see the couple’s whole relationship at KevinConnerVlogs!) I can’t wait to see the wedding episode!

Ashley and Kevin held a traditional Mass service, which was really neat for us to experience. I think the traditions and sacraments that take place in Mass are so beautiful to witness! We were especially interested in the Knights of Columbus, who took part in the ceremony, complete with feathers and swords. I just love how meaningful their ceremony was in the church that they have called home together for so long!

I admit that I was growing a little apprehensive as the service went on, because the skies were growing darker by the minute, and just as I feared, the bottom fell out of the sky right as the ceremony ended. Ashley and Kevin’s bridal party handled it like champs, though, and we took all of their group portraits under a breezeway in the pouring rain! Just more proof that rain can NOT ruin a wedding day!

The sun came out just in time for the bride and groom portraits and we had fun running all over Downtown Lawrenceville. We were able to cover the other half of town, that we missed during their engagement session.

Their reception at 550 Trackside was filled with family and friends that were so excited for Ashley and Kevin. I have never seen a bride so radiant and joyful entering her party!!

Ashley and Kevin, we’re so happy for you guys and grateful that we’ve gotten to capture this amazing day!

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