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Purvis Newborn // Gwinnett Lifestyle Photographer

Family, Portraits

April 18, 2018

College roommates form a special relationship which few compare to. Nothing says “intimate” like living with someone during the most formative years of their young adulthood. I believe that roommates can really make or break your college experience. I was one of the lucky ones. Shannon and I met in our BCM small group freshman year and moved in together sophomore year, the trio completed by our friend Leanna. Shannon is one of those people that made coming home safe and welcoming and easy. She could often be found sitting on her bed doing her work, where I spent many evenings perched and finding comfort in her compassionate and loving personality. When Loren came into our lives, he fit right in and quickly became driver, football coach, personal bodyguard and serenader to us ladies at Woodsong Village. Most of all he treated Shannon like the queen that she is and we liked him from the very start.

Shannon and Loren were married right after college, and they have been praying for a child to love for the past few years. I was praying right along with them and I will never forget the day that my phone buzzed with an ultrasound pic…from Leanna. Only to be followed right up by one from Shannon as well! It has been so beautiful to watch my roomies go through pregnancy together (though many many miles apart) this year and I am so happy for both of them. I couldn’t wait to meet Shannon’s baby girl, Charlie Kate, so I went for a visit just five days after she was born and we captured some sweet moments of their first week of life together!

Charlie Kate is already a little mini-me of her mama. Her nursery was filled with princess and disney decor (just like Shannon’s room in college) and there was no shortage of pink frills and lace in her closet! If Shannon’s first love is Disney princesses, though, it is closely followed by Georgia football. Shannon was a UGA cheerleader in college and Loren is a football coach in Gwinnett County. Charlie Kate looked so cute surrounded by Loren’s football and Shannon’s old pom poms! I think this girl has her future cut out for her yelling “Go Dawgs!”

I love you Shannon and Loren and I am so so happy for you guys!

gwinnett newborn photographer

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