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Virginia + Austin | Watson Mill | Engagement Photographer

Couples, Portraits

March 28, 2018

I knew that Virginia and Austin were “our people” the first time I met with them for coffee. This couple loves Jesus and loves people – and I don’t just think that because they wrote in on a questionnaire. It’s obvious after spending only a little bit of time with them. They have also settled down in Athens, GA where Virginia teaches first grade and Austin owns Classic City Home Improvement. He even has the Chip Gaines hair going on.

What I did learn from a questionnaire is that their perfect day looks like this: “We would wake up and go get a pastry from Independent Baking Company. Then, we would probably go to a state park with Mav to adventure and enjoy the wilderness together. On our way home we would discuss whether it was going to be a nice night out at one of our favorite restaurants or cooking at home.”

Once again, time with them proved this to be true. I don’t know if they went to the Independent Baking Company that morning, but they did spend their Wednesday date night exploring the wilderness of a state park with me. And I even overheard them discussing whether they would go out or make something at home for dinner after the shoot. Unfortunately, their dog Mav had to stay home and recover from a recent injury and couldn’t join us to complete their perfect day.

It may have been freezing cold, but we toughed it out and had a great time at Watson Mill Bridge. The couple even risked climbing out onto a tree limb overstretching the river (after I reminded them this was NOT my idea and that water is COLD!)

We can’t wait to photograph this sweet couple’s wedding in Columbus, Georgia later this spring!

watson mill engagement watson mill engagement

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