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Shelby + Spencer | Cloverleaf Farm | Engagement

Couples, Personal, Portraits

March 1, 2018

Shelby is from my hometown of Conyers and she was also at the University of Georgia when I was. We never crossed paths much there because Shelby was on a science track to become a Physicians Assistant and I didn’t last long as a biology major myself. She did wonderfully though, and is now a PA in the Emergency Room! Her fiance, Spencer is from Ohio, but he always knew he wanted to live in Georgia and marry a southern gal – which is why Cloverleaf Farm is the perfect place for them to get married this year!

The southern charm of Cloverleaf Farm had me excited from the moment I pulled up to the big white mansion. The land was sprawling with fences, tall grass, and trees that made me feel like I was back on my own family farm. We even had a stray dog from across the street come crash the session several times. After failing to shoo him off, we realized he responded to the “sit” command perfectly and he was pretty content to sit by my feet and watch the session unfold.

We had lots of time to explore the venue and the weather was surprisingly warm for a February afternoon, so the couple had such a laid back and enjoyable shoot. We were even blessed by a beautiful sunset to close the evening, and I enjoyed watching Shelby and Spencer dance in the fading light.

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Shelby and Spencer!

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