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Behind the Scenes 2017 // Atlanta Wedding Photographer + Videographer

Business, Personal, Wedding Photo

February 6, 2018

This break in our regularly scheduled pretty and perfected photos is brought to you by our annual behind the scenes blog. Our most fun blog of the year, showing what happens on the other side of the lens! There is no denying we have a lot of fun doing what you do, and we hope you have fun too!

We often tell our couples that their engagement session just might be the most important part of the process..mainly because they get to hang out with us in super fun places.

and because random dogs are more likely to crash the session.

But wedding days aren’t always what they seem. Evan pulls out all the stops to get the perfect detail shots.

and sometimes you catch him just gazing at the dress.

Meanwhile, Jenna gets carried away with cake.

While we don’t stage stuff, we DO get all up in our brides + grooms’ business.

And when a bird gets you, we have your back.

We love watching our couples tie the knot.

And Jenna loves listening to the father of the bride toasts.

But we quickly get back to business.

Until Jenna’s favorite dance song comes on (The Wobble).

We get really excited when portrait time rolls around.

Because we like to play outside.


We also like to play dress up.

And pretend to be the paparazzi.

Sometimes we just like to be the center of attention.

We really believe our team work makes the dream work.

And these people make up the dream team.

They are always willing to lend a hand.


And get the shot.

And fluff the veil.

..or as we like to say, fluff and run.

To be honest, these guys just make us look good.

Especially when it comes time to set up the lights.

They make our job even more fun and we love them for it!

Plus, they always surprise us with fun shots of ourselves!

And the oh-so-important photos with the beautiful couples that make it all happen for us!

We’re so thankful for every moment we get to do what we love with one another. Thanks for the memories, 2017!

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And the result of 2017’s best work here!

Love, Evan and Jenna

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