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Best of 2017 Weddings | Atlanta Photographer + Videographer

Business, Personal, Weddings

January 31, 2018

As we look back over 2017 and all the moments we captured, we are once again floored by how God has blessed us with such amazing couples to serve! We combed through the thousands and thousands of images and clips to pick out our favorite ones, and in doing so we were reminded of the relationships we get to build with our clients. We are so grateful to be there with them for some of the happiest moments of their lives. That said, it is NO easy task to pick out just a few favorite images from all the weddings of the year, but consider this our best attempt! Enjoy the best of 2017!

DETAILS: We always spend the first 30 to 45 minutes of a wedding day shooting the details and the venue. Not only does it get our creative juices flowing and allow us some time to settle into our groove, but we know that brides spend tons of time and money picking out each little detail and accessory – and after the years have passed, the photographs are often the only thing left to remember them by. Everyone knows that Evan is our detail guy – he really has an eye for creative ring shots and the patience that macro photography requires! But I have found that I enjoy it more and more with every wedding too!

GETTING READY: We always tell our brides before they ever book us, “We are here to shoot your wedding day as it happens.” It is our desire and goal to capture real candids of your day so you can remember both the big moments and each little moment in between. We aren’t big into “staging” or faking moments just for a picture, because we wouldn’t want lots of photos that aren’t connected to real memories. Instead, we help our brides plan adequate time to put on their dress and makeup, see their dads, exchange gifts + letters with their grooms, and pray with their bridal parties. We love capturing all of those meaningful moment in real time!

FIRST LOOK: It is no secret that we LOVE first looks with our couples – they allow for easier timing of the day and such beautiful, intimate moments between the couple. I could (and should) write a whole blog about the benefits of a first look, but for now just enjoy the precious first moments we captured with so many of our couples this year!

BRIDAL PARTY: The bridal parties bring out the best in our couples – surrounded by their closest friends, we love seeing their personalities come to the surface during these portraits! Every bridal party takes on its own collective “group personality” that is so fun for us to figure out and work with (especially when they humor my request for a big laugh!)

BRIDE + GROOM PORTRAITS: The moment you’ve all hired us for: bride and groom portraits! These were the hardest of all for me to select from the hundreds that I absolutely adored! Our couples were all so beautiful and I swear they could all be professional models! We absolutely cherish every minute we get with our couples on their wedding day and love to create timeless and natural looking portraits that we hope they will hang on their walls and pass down to generations to come.

CEREMONY: The reason we’re all here – it never gets old hearing couples say “I do” and I personally laugh every time the ceremony ends with a fist pump (which happened quite a lot this year!). Whether a ceremony is formal, casual, traditional, or quirky, the meaning stays the same and we love capturing the smiles and tears of these sweet moments.

CAKES: Yes, I did make a section just for cake, because these are some PRETTY cakes, y’all! I never feel like eating a piece, but Evan claims they taste pretty good too. I personally love to see the groom’s cake at each wedding – we have had some super unique ones this year!

GOLDEN HOUR: This year, several of our couples allowed us to steal them away from their receptions for a few golden hour portraits. We are often trying to stay shaded from the harsh sun during our scheduled portrait time, but the coveted “golden hour” of lighting usually happens during the reception. Our all time favorite shots from the year were captured in the 10 minutes that these couples snuck away from the party with us – and they all agreed it was worth it!

RECEPTION: Last, but not least, the party to celebrate the night. You will often find us singing along to the music (and sometimes we even jump onto the dance floor for a song or two), and we love watching friends and family celebrate. Reception photos can be challenging – the lighting is often a little dim or harsh (or colorful) – but it is so fun to capture everything from the first dances to the Electric Slide to the sparkler exits for our couples to smile and laugh at later.

To all of our 2017 couples, you were all beautiful and a joy to work with – thank you SO much for trusting us to document your wedding day! We hope you will continue to stay in touch and follow along as we grow.

We can’t wait to see what moments 2018 holds! If you want to see your photo or video in next year’s post, don’t hesitate to inquire about your wedding date today! We only have a few spots left and would love to serve you!

Love, Evan and Jenna

P.S. To take a trip down memory lane, see our Best of 2016 Weddings here! And to see our personal highlights of 2017, click here! 🙂

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