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Cashin + Connor | Athens Engagement Photography

Couples, Portraits

December 5, 2017

Cashin and Connor are both UGA graduates and will be getting married in Athens in May! We didn’t get a chance to meet in person until their engagement session and the couple got to the Arch (our meeting place) before we did. Coincidentally, there was another dark-haired photographer there, that they assumed was Evan, and they almost got an additional session by accident! I laughed so hard when they told me that (after the photographer realized that they were not his couple and they found me).

I’m glad they are our couple, though, because Cashin and Connor are adorable! They had complete trust in me, which made posing and playing really fun for all of us. I particularly love Cashin’s sense of style and how we both gravitated towards neutral backdrops during the shoot. It’s so fun to share a vision and make it happen together! We can’t wait to shoot their wedding photos so soon!!

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