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Brand Launch: Evan + Jenna Creative


September 15, 2017

Evan and I are about to come off of a 9-week break from weddings. Aside from delivering our summer weddings and a few engagement sessions here and there, we have been using this time to rest and refocus. We can’t lie, it has been ah-mazing to have the weekends free to spend with our friends and family these past two months. But this time has also been the perfect opportunity to tackle a huge project that we’ve been dreaming about for over a year now: a total rebrand.


For you non-PR/marketing folk, a rebrand is a like a total business makeover. A new name, a new logo, a new website, new fonts, colors, and email address, and all that jazz.


First, let me say that we still LOVE the story and the meaning behind “We Two” and we are still inspired every day by my grandparents and their partnership that led to our first business brand. And nothing is changing about our services or how we do things. However, as God has blessed us with new clients, connections, and dreams, our business has grown and we feel the need to better express who we are as a couple and a biz.


Over the past two years, we have focused all of our energy into forming personal relationships with our clients and partners and serving them each on an individual level. As a result, we’ve seen that our clients relate to and remember us as a couple, more than a company, and we LOVE that!


We enjoy hearing folks talk about using “Evan and Jenna” for their photography/videography, and noticed that the words “We Two” are less frequently used in conversation. And when they are, it’s confusing… “Is it We Too? How many words is that? Is it a number or t-w-o in the email?”, etc.


So, we figured we would make it easier on everyone and rebrand under the title of (drumroll, please)….“Evan and Jenna”!
I know, I know, sometimes our creativity shocks me too. 😉


We would like to give a huge shoutout to Emily of Amavi Studio for doing an awesome job on our new logo design and to Katey Penton Photography for our new headshots! To everyone reading this thank YOU for keeping up with, supporting and encouraging us in our personal and business life – we couldn’t do it without ya!


Please take a look around our website and share the link with your friends and family – we are excited for what the future holds and we would love to serve you!


Love, Evan + Jenna


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