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Marisa + John | Engagement Photography | Athens, GA

Couples, Portraits

February 7, 2017

There are so many things I loved about Marisa and John’s engagement session! I will try to keep this concise – John and Marisa are high school sweethearts and will be getting married in October. John’s dad, Rob, was my pastor in college and John and I got to go on a mission trip to Nicaragua together. I didn’t get to know Marisa until more recently, but I LOVE this couple!

Marisa and John wanted to have their session in the winter and they love the outdoors. Even though Evan and I have never shot at Sandy Creek Park before, they were up for an adventure and let us drag them all over the woods as we explored together. There were times that I almost forgot we were there for a photo shoot because I enjoyed hiking and talking with this couple so much! Even though it was quite cold, the golden light was PERFECT for this shoot and the neutral colors that Marisa and John wore couldn’t have been more perfect for the light and colors around us. I can’t wait to shoot their fall wedding this year!

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