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Best of: 2016!

Business, Wedding Photo, Weddings

January 2, 2017

Evan and I are in awe of the amazing year We Two has had. God has blessed us this year with incredible clients, opportunities, and growth and we are so grateful. Although we are excited to plan, organize, and implement new ideas for 2017, we can’t move forward without first reflecting and sharing some of our favorite moments from the past year. It was incredibly difficult to select our favorite images and videos from the past 12 months, but we’ve narrowed it down as best we could and hope y’all enjoy looking back at these happy moments with us!

Best of Weddings:

Portrait time with our couples is our absolute favorite part of the wedding day! Although our time is short, these are the most important images a couple will take away from the day and we cherish every minute they give us alone with them!

Okay, so maybe portrait time is our second favorite time of the day because the first looks are the best (and also a crucial element to getting optimal portrait time!) The anticipation and expressions, followed by uninterrupted and intimate time together is such a joy to witness every single time!

Is there anything more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day? Every single one of our brides was radiant this year and I hope they will always remember how lovely they are!

Bridal party portraits are always good for a laugh and it is so fun to hang out with our couples’ tribes! We never know what we’re gonna get with a bridal party, since we don’t typically meet them until the wedding day, and it is fun to discover and capture their collective personality.

The ceremony – capturing the vows, prayers, smiles, kisses and other intricacies of the service while staying discreet is always a fun challenge for us. It brings us so much joy to see our couples make a commitment to one another and focus on the meaning of the day.

And finally the exit!! The most chaotic, yet exciting point of the night – helping a crowd light sparklers and getting The Shot is always an adventure!

Best of: Engagement Sessions

We LOVE engagement sessions with our couples. We love them so much that we include them free in every wedding package. Contrary to the pace of the wedding day, engagement sessions are relaxed, non-hurried, personal to each couple and just tons of fun. We cherish these hours spent getting to know our couples and helping them feel comfortable in front of our cameras – all of which makes for an easier wedding day. Here are some of our favorite shots from the year!


Everyone who has done a session with us knows that Evan LOVES doing ring shots – and he’s so talented! Though we almost always have to drag Evan away, I am always amazed by his creativity and attention to detail. Check out our brides’ gorgeous rings!


Finding behind the scenes shots in the pictures when I upload a session is always a pleasant surprise! Our love for our job is so evident on our faces in these pictures and they are a sweet reminder to me of how blessed we are to do this for a living.

I especially love the photos of us interacting with our clients – after all, our relationship with them is our top priority. Pictures of us posing, adjusting details, teaching dance moves, and laughing with our couples are so fun to see.

GETTING THE SHOT – Getting the perfect shot can look pretty amusing in hindsight – climbing in a tree, invading personal space, crawling on the ground – whatever it takes!

HAVING FUN – You will always find us working hard, but you will also catch us playing around in the photobooth, busting a move on the dance floor, and stealing a kiss from each other – what can we say? Work hard play hard!

PICTURES WITH YOU! – Although I always forget, it means SO much to me when my couples want a photo with us! We have developed some amazing friendships with so many of our clients this year and these photos are so good for my heart.

Best of Wedding Video

Last but not least – a tribute video with the best moments of the year! We believe that the value of photography is unbeatable, but video captures moments, emotions, and action in a way that photo just can’t. Sit back, grab a tissue, and enjoy!

THANK YOU for a wonderful year of growth and friendship! We are so grateful and can’t wait to capture more memories in 2017!

Love, We Two

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