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Brynn + Jake Wedding Video | Primrose Cottage

Wedding Video, Weddings

September 5, 2016

I know we shouldn’t pick “favorites,” but we can’t help but declare that this has been our favorite wedding to date. I have never experienced a more deeply moving, sentimental, and joyful celebration as this one, a celebration framed by the presence of grief and yet more full of life and hope than any other. 

Brynn’s father had passed away within the year leading up to her wedding, and his absence was felt by all. From that brokenness sprang moments of deep beauty as the women in Brynn’s family responded with inspiring strength and grace. They filled the day with loving reminders of Trey and honored his memory, yet smiled and celebrated through it all.

The day was beautiful and bright, and so was the bride. Brynn was vivacious, smiling, laughing, and dancing from the very start. The ceremony, at Primrose Cottage in Roswell, GA, was outside in the yard and the sun shone as the bridal party proceeded down the aisle. However, the moment the doors opened to reveal Brynn to Jake for the first time, the bottom dropped out of the sky, drenching the guests and the bridal party with summer rain.

To no one’s surprise, Brynn smiled and stepped bravely into the downpour, laughing all the way down the aisle. The wedding guests kindly stayed in their uncovered seats as Brynn and Jake eagerly shouted their vows above the pouring rain. Brynn would later tell The Knot, “I hate that my dad couldn’t make it, but he made his presence known,” she says. “It was a running joke for the rest of the evening that only [my father] Trey Massey would cause such a scene at a wedding.”

Embracing what would be most brides’ worst nightmare, Brynn and Jake laughed their way through the entire ceremony, with a joy that could not be dampened by any storm. We walked away from the ceremony drenched with water and happiness. 

I loved the words of the minister, Brynn’s uncle:

“I pray that this is a beautiful picture of their life, how they respond to life, how they respond to rain, they laugh, they move through it. I thank you for them.”

Thank you, Brynn and Jake, for setting such an amazing example of love and endurance – for celebrating the meaning of marriage and using your circumstances to glorify God and spread joy. 

To read more about their story, check out their featured article on The Knot!

“You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy” – Psalm 30:11

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