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La Ceiba, Honduras | Mission to the World | 2016

Missions, Travel

August 26, 2016

Evan and I got the wonderful opportunity this summer to travel to La Ceiba, Honduras with our church. We packed up our cameras and were very happy to capture the stories of God at work in this beautiful city. We stayed and worked with Mission to the World, the global missions sending agency of the PCA. Our whole team had such a great time getting to know these missionaries and seeing a glimpse into their lives in La Ceiba. It was refreshing to learn that these missionaries are just normal people leading their lives with purpose in a different country.  Most of them were young, in their 30s, with families of littles running around and completely relatable in every way! But more photos and words on them are to come… 

These photos are just snapshots of the sights and faces we got to encounter during our week in La Ceiba. We are currently working on producing two or three videos for MTW giving a deeper look into a few of the specific ministries here, so stay tuned for that!


I love the thrill of the travel day. We’re almost always exhausted from packing all night, but it is so much fun to start bonding with your team and approach the sights, sounds, smells of a new country – or return to them like an old friend. It’s almost always impossible to grab any decent shots while flying down a dirt road filled with potholes, but it never stops me from trying! 

Church Plants-

On Sunday, we attended two different churches in two very different environments. Our morning service was in a pastor’s home with worship led by one of the MTW missionaries. Later in the evening we visited an outdoor service at the home of another pastor. This was quite the exciting service, with speakers blaring loud for the community to hear. I always love worshipping in other cultures and learning how they express themselves. I especially love dancing and clapping along with the joyful, upbeat music!  

Prayer Walking

On Monday morning, a few of the missionaries took our team on a prayer walk around the community. Prayer walking is exactly what it sounds like – we walk around the town, observing and praying over everything we can think of. Prayer is such a powerful ministry tool that is often overlooked and physically moving through a community while you pray for it inspires our hearts and minds. We stopped at the homes of several church members along the way, offering encouragement and specific prayers for their various needs. It was a great afternoon of building relationships with the people of La Ceiba and seeing how well the missionaries there have connected with them. I loved capturing the beautiful people and places along the way!


The week before we arrived in La Ceiba, an earthquake from Nicaragua shook the city and destroyed the roof of a church member’s home. Our team spent a few days building her a new roof and getting to know her and her neighbors a little better.


Meanwhile, Evan and got to meet and interview several different missionaries and ministry leaders for the videos we’ll be producing, as well as get some more footage of the city. We heard so many incredible stories that we look forward to sharing soon!

Peter Project

One of the ministries we are doing a story on is the Peter Project, an after school program for boys that provides a meal, financial support for school, tutoring, and discipleship. Many of these boys are from the poorest and roughest parts of the city and are encouraged, loved, and nourished at the ministry. We are very excited to produce this video and pray they will raise the support they need to keep loving these children well. 

Until Next Time

It was so refreshing and encouraging for us to be reminded of our true desire and purpose – to tell the stories of faith happening around the world. We hope to return to the beautiful city of La Ceiba again soon and look forward to sharing the videos from this trip!

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