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Casey + Clayton Wedding Photography + Videography | Athens, GA

Wedding Photo, Wedding Video, Weddings

August 15, 2016

Casey and Clayton’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of six and a half years of dating and waiting for this moment. The couple, who has been together since their junior year of high school, has already weathered storms of life together and the depth and steadiness of their love is so evident in their relationship. 

At the lovely Grant Hill Farm in Commerce, Ga, Casey and Clayton threw a good ole southern party complete with boots and ball gowns in a pretty blue barn. Their bridal party was beautiful, sweet and full of joy for the couple. 

We especially loved how intentional Casey and Clayton were about honoring their first love – Jesus Christ – throughout their wedding day. The couple used their ceremony to share the Good News of the Gospel, and to worship together in song, prayer, and communion as a newlywed couple. We have no doubt that Casey and Clayton’s deep faith and love for God and one another will bless and deepen their marriage. Please enjoy this video AND photo gallery from their lovely day! 

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