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Josh + Alison | Anniversary Session

Couples, Portraits

August 7, 2016

Real life confession: I love Grey’s Anatomy. I grew up watching it, and still keep up with the reruns and new episodes during my late night editing sessions. I’ve always loved Meredith and Christina’s friendship and, like many other young women, adopted the phrase “my person” with my best friend, Alison, way back in high school. Alison and I have gotten each other into and out of a lot of trouble over the years, and we have an unspoken vow to always be there for each other, regardless of how many months may pass without seeing one another or catching up. 

We’ve been through a lot together, including being proposed to on the same Christmas week in 2014! Last year we were able to stand beside each other as we married the loves of our lives. Josh could not be more perfect for Alison and I have loved watching their marriage grow in their first year. I felt so honored when they asked me too shoot a couples session for them – Josh’s gift to Alison for their “paper anniversary”. 

It was a dark and stormy night when we shot these beautiful river photos in Covington, but Josh and Alison were brave and adventurous and had a blast playing in the river, fully prepared for the bottom to drop out of the sky. Luckily it didn’t and we captured some beautiful shots of this couple that I love dearly. 

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