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Rachel + Mike Wedding Photography | Highgrove Farms | Valdosta, GA

Wedding Photo, Weddings

August 5, 2016

Rachel and Mike’s wedding took place on a HOT June day in Valdosta, GA. Despite our own excessive sweating, it was one of our most enjoyable wedding experiences, thanks to the joy and kindness that overflowed from the couple onto everyone around them. Rachel and Mike decided early in their engagement that they wanted to keep things in perspective on their wedding day and fully enjoy the celebration without ‘sweating’ the details 😉 Rachel and Mike were laid back, easy going, and adorably romantic–every wedding vendor’s dream couple. It was so refreshing for us to feel like welcome guests and friends throughout the wedding day! 

Rachel and Mike’s portrait time was the easiest we have ever shot, because their love was so visible and genuine that we barely had to direct anything. Because they took our advice and decided to do a First Look before the ceremony, Rachel and Mike were able to share a good bit of alone time together soaking in the moment, and it was beautiful to witness!

After the ceremony, we noticed a bright yellow butterfly behind the couple during their family formal portraits. We jokingly suggested that we should try to get a ring shot with it… a minute later, Rachel had charmed the creature into crawling on her hand and posing with her! Not only was it a rare, exciting shot for us, but it was a perfect way to display Rachel’s love of nature and adventurous spirit.  

Rachel’s dance with her father was also a memorable moment. What began as a sweet, sappy slow dance was surprisingly interrupted when the daddy-daughter duo slid into Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” with style, bringing lots of smiles and laughs to the crowd of guests. 

The couple also enjoyed a hilarious round of the “Shoe Game” – a party game in which the bride and groom trade one shoe with each other and hold up the appropriate shoe to answer a “him or her” question. Their answers didn’t all quite match, but they laughed all the same (we’re still not sure who’s the better cook). 

We pray that the joy we felt from Rachel and Mike on their wedding day carries them through their long and happy marriage. We know they will be a blessing to all who are lucky enough to encounter them!

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