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We Two Missions- An update!

Business, Missions

July 23, 2016

Jenna and I are currently sitting at a gate in the Atlanta International Airport, waiting on a plane to take us on our first mission trip since our journey to Africa a year and a half ago. We are long overdue for an update on our plans to do media work for missionaries, so we wanted to take a moment to explain ourselves.

For those of you who don’t know, directly out of college Jenna and I founded a non-profit called Move Media Ministry for the purpose of doing photography and videography for international missionaries. Our goal was to make it into a full time job for ourselves. We worked on Move full time for about 9 months, in which we legally established the ministry, obtained 501(c)3 status, and were ultimately hired to spend 6 weeks in Kenya working for a mission there. Since that formative journey, we have redirected the way we are approaching missions.

Here’s the skinny version:

First, our heart has not changed. Jenna and I are both passionate to use what abilities God has developed within us to serve His kingdom around the world. We want to tell the stories of the powerful things He is doing through the work of missionaries.

What has changed is our financial approach. Through our experience in Africa, we learned that operating full-time in that capacity would require us to either depend on fundraising (a job in itself) or charge exorbitant rates to ministries to support us while we take the time to work for them (in addition to the necessary costs of flights, room and board, etc.) We were less than satisfied with either of those options.

In the last year, God has provided a tremendous blessing upon our wedding business, to the point where we can now begin to use that income to fund our work for missionaries. We are incredibly thankful to those whose support helped us begin the journey of Move Media, and while we are still using the funding and structure from Move Media to do our current mission, our hope is that our wedding income will soon render us fully self-sufficient and allow us to provide at least one free service to missionaries each year.

We also realized that it is not strategic to maintain two separate entities, brands, social media accounts, etc. Moving forward, we will be using our We Two Photo Video name only, and launching #WeTwoMissions for our international volunteer work. Our hope is that this change will be simpler for us to maintain and simpler for you to follow!

I am hurrying to finish writing this as we are about to board a plane to travel to Honduras with our church to work on our next missions project! We are already on the lookout for what our next mission could be, and we would love your help in finding missionaries in need of our photo or video services. There are more words to come on the transformation and journey we have been on over the past year!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! You can follow us on Instagram at @WeTwoPhotoVideo and search for the hashtag #WeTwoMissions to keep up with our missions work!

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