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Marcie + Nate Wedding Photography | April 15, 2016 | The Trolley Barn

Wedding Photo, Weddings

June 16, 2016

Marcie and Nate truly had the most unique and personal wedding we have ever been to! This was no surprise to anyone who knows them, though. I have been lucky enough to know Marcie my whole life. Our families grew up attending Salem Campmeeting together and Marcie is one of my sister’s best friends. We were so honored Marcie and Nate chose us to capture the photo AND video for their wedding day.

Marcie and Nate may seem like a funny pair – her mom, Diane, describes them as a “walking contradiction”. Marcie is a self-proclaimed hippie, who has dedicated her life to the field of social work. She has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Nate, on the other hand, is a US military man and Marcie’s total opposite. They are proof that opposites attract. “We’re like Jenny and Forrest Gump…but without the AIDS and mental disabilities.” Marcie’s words, not mine. 

“Jenna, we are EASY.” These were Marcie’s words to me at our pre-wedding meeting as we delved into all the photography details. She was right! Marcie was the perfect bride, laid back and determined to relax and enjoy her wedding day, knowing that no detail is worth losing smiles over. Marcie planned the entire wedding day according to their tastes and desires, not worrying too much about traditions or expectations and it was perfect. Marcie invited 12 of her closest friends to stand with her, bought and monogrammed them each colorful shirts from Goodwill, and even let the girls wear any dress they wished. Marcie and Nate allowed their guests to stand outside, cocktail in hand, during their ceremony and they walked themselves down the aisle together. My favorite moment of the ceremony was when the minister asked everyone to take their phones and cameras out together, snap a photo, and then – wait for it – put them away. This was the absolute perfect way to initiate an unplugged ceremony because everyone got their picture and then all eyes were on the bride and groom for the remainder of the service! Photographer’s dream!

The reception was a party if I’ve ever seen one and Marcie and Nate included as many family/friend vendors as possible. With us as the photo/videographers, my dad as their minister, her brother’s food truck for a caterer, and close family friends for the reception band, it was quite the family occasion. The party never died, so Marcie called in some late-night pizza for a surprise midnight snack. The final send off was a fun mixture of tambourines and american flags. Their wedding was the perfect reflection of their love and lifestyle and we are so glad to share these images that tell the story! 


Ceremony + Reception Venue: The Trolley Barn | Hotel: Sheraton Atlanta | Hair + Makeup: Hair Motif | Wedding Dress: Carrie’s Bridal Collection | Drinks: Westside Beverage + My Friend’s Growler Shop | Cakes: Alon’s Bakery & Market | Band: Drive Time | Food: Chef Mercedes and the Ms. B Crafty Team 

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