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Courtney + Houston Engagement Session

Couples, Portraits

May 17, 2016

Wow. There is something special about each and every session we shoot, but Courtney and Houston’s engagement session in Metter, GA is my favorite so far! We shot on Courtney’s family farm and every part of this hour was fabulous. The scenery was gorgeous and we got lucky with a sunny, yet cool evening (which is hard to come by in South Georgia!) 

There were so many great components to this session that were personal and meaningful to the couple and exciting for us. The little red house you see is where Courtney’s dad was raised. She told me stories of how her grandmother picked cotton with the baby slung around her back with a sheet. Courtney and Houston have two little fur babies that we did our best with – they were adorable even if they were super hyper! And the yellow antique chair in the field was so fun to play with – a photographer’s dream! Thanks for inviting us to your home and being such beautiful models for us!

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