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A Long List of Thanks

Personal, Words

December 4, 2015

Each year, Jenna’s father writes a Thanksgiving article in the newspaper, which has always been Jenna’s favorite column of the year. Darrell got his inspiration from Furman Bisher and we are getting our inspiration from Darrell. This year we made it into a week-long project to try and capture our list into photos as well.

We have a long list of blessings to count this year, but we’ll narrow it down to the following:


We’re thankful for God, our good Father, who has known our every need and fulfilled each one in His perfect timing.


We’re thankful for an incredible wedding that we will look back on fondly for the rest of our lives and all of the friends and family that not only celebrated with us, but helped us plan, build, decorate, and even take down every last Christmas light. We will forever be grateful for each friend, mentor, and minister that has taught us about marriage and pointed us to Christ along our way so that we were prepared to make eternal vows to one another on our wedding day.


I am so thankful for my best friend and wonderful wife, who constantly keeps me at my best and encourages me to grow as a man of God. She fills my life with the beauty God has placed in her and the beauty she draws out of the world around her. She lives out true love and high adventure with me and even laughs at my terrible jokes along the way. -E


I am thankful for my thoughtful husband who serves me and cares for me so graciously. For his help fighting bad dreams at night and chasing good dreams by day. And that he is ridiculously good looking. -J


We are thankful for friendships, old and new, that make us laugh and get us through. For friends that call randomly to catch up and that drive to meet us in the middle, wherever that may be. For friends down the street that regularly share meals, games, and disheveled newlywed apartments with us.


We are thankful for the cutest nephew in the world and all the joy and laughter he has brought our family in the past 15 months, not to mention the pretty portfolio of baby photos his smile has contributed to.


We’re thankful for Be the Change Fitness and for Casey, Christie and Tabby for wearing us out and whipping us into wedding shape. For the motivation to get healthy and for the constant community of encouragement we found in that little gym while living in Conyers.

We are thankful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of Caroline St. John and everyone who reached out to support us after we were robbed. Not only did we receive the funds we needed to recover what was taken, but we were taught a deep lesson in humility and compassion that we will never forget. We only wish there were a way to individually thank each person that reached out in that time.


Speaking of, we are now grateful for home security systems, motion sensor lights, safes, and the peace of mind they provide as we sleep in our apartment and when we leave it.


We are thankful for Move Media Ministry, the dream that God planted, brought to fruition, and continues to grow, and for the support from others we received that allowed us to pursue that dream whole-heartedly.


We are thankful for Evan’s job at GACS – not only a wonderful place to work and a salary that provides for us, but a career that allows him to share his faith and creative skills for the development of others.


We are also thankful for the women of Pursuit Community and the friendship, encouragement, support, and advice they have brought Jenna as she has poured into our photography business this year. Working from home in a new city has not been easy, but with the help of Pursuit and a few other community-minded entrepreneurs, she feels a little less alone.


We are thankful that we know and practice the creative craft of photography and videography – a passion we can share together that brings both joy and income.


Which makes us extra thankful for light, and all the beauty it reveals in the world – and our images. We are thankful for the glow and shadows cast at golden hour and for the gorgeous sunsets that we’re never able to capture perfectly with our cameras.


We are thankful for cookbooks, especially those written by our own parents, which allow us to enjoy a taste of home whenever we need one.


We are thankful for puppies, blankets, local coffee shops that remind us of Athens and other simple pleasures that bring so much happiness to us. (Feat. Spudgy and Karma, two pups we met at the park)


We are thankful for the variety and the traditions that changing seasons bring to our lives each year – and especially thankful to be in the midst of our favorite of those seasons.


Not last, and not least, we are thankful for our Alma Mater and the education, experiences, and memories we received there. And we are thankful for Coach Mark Richt and the 15 years he graced our football field, college ministries and community with his godly leadership, wisdom and devotion.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Thanksgiving,
the Simmons

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