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Dear Danger,

Personal, Words

March 18, 2014

The coward hides from danger
blankets himself in comfort, protection, security.
He clings to safety, remaining firmly on the ground,
never peeking over the edge.
He settles into the familiar
resisting change in places or in faces

The brave goes looking for danger.
She feels trapped by comfort, protection, security.
She flees from safety, fighting the gravity that holds her down,
always dancing along the edge.
She throws off anything too familiar
ever seeking new places, new faces

Who are you?
Are you the brave or the afraid?
Trick Question. They are the same.

You only look for danger for fear of it finding you.
Is that not true?
If you initiate the change, you can control the way you move
and what you lose.
You would rather leave than be left.
Security only welcomes theft.

So whether you hide it or you fight it,
you are a slave
to fear.
When it controls you or it holds you,
you take the bait.
So man up and obey faith
and never let your fear decide your fate.

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