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July 2, 2013

Nicaragua- Day One

From the team blog:

Although it is now nearly 3 am American time, we are safe and at the team house in Matagalpa! (It is 12:45 am here.) Our flight went smoothly, as did all of our oh-so-exciting adventures through security. :]

We had some issues with the 3-hour drive from Managua (the capital city we flew into) to Matagalpa (where the team house is). It was nothing safety related, just your run-of-the-mill automotive issues. But we made it safely, so all is well!

We are all extremely exhausted and start work tomorrow so this will be a short post. Hopefully tomorrow we can start posting some pictures!

Pray for us to be energized and awake as we begin working in San Jose bright and early tomorrow morning! Thank you for your continued prayers!

–OHBC Nicaragua 2013–

Despite the many delays, I really enjoyed the flight from America to Nicaragua once we got off the ground. An excerpt from my journal on the flight:

I can’t help but think about how missions turns me on. [No innuendo intended]. I started thinking bout this after engaging in conversation with the two people sitting on my row. Elaina, an older lady from Nicaragua, and Melroy, a young man from India. In the 3 hours we have been on the plane, we have had wonderful conversation, which has turned to Jesus several times.

If I were flying anywhere else, not on a mission trip, I would probably have my headphones in my ears trying to sleep the time away. But because I’m “on mission”, I’m turned on and tuned in to the opportunities around me.


Why do I have to wear a cool team shirt and fly to another country to turn on my life purpose and open my eyes to the needs of those around me? Why does my Bible become my life source when I’m going, but require discipline when I’m at home? Why does my “soul sensor” light up now but not when I’m sitting in class in Athens?

I hate that I have to go on mission to become a missionary..or at least to act like one.

If I lived the way I should, the only thing that should change when I go on a mission trip should be my location. My heart, prayers, love, conversations and mindset should already be turned on to the mission of sharing Christ.

That is something to be worked on upon my return to the States. As for now, I’m glad to be turned on and tuned in!

I hope you are turned on and seeking opportunities to love wherever you are! Please join us in our journey this week by keeping us in your prayers!


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