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Dramatic and Remarkable.

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July 14, 2010

Sin makes us bad people and the goal is to repent and be good people, right?


Sin makes us DEAD people. We spend our whole lives trying to keep from doing bad things and becoming bogged down when we do succumb to bad things. We try our hardest to do enough good things to cancel out the bad things. This is a waste of our time, because we do not have the power to raise ourselves from the dead. There’s nothing wrong with being a good person, but being good is not going to save us.

Only Jesus can do that. Christ did not come to make us good, He came to make us ALIVE. The gift of God is eternal LIFE through Jesus Christ and life is what we need most.

“How can you be alive if you never really knew you were dead?”

I spent a significant amount of my life dead. Yes, I have been saved since elementary school, but I lived like a dead person. It took me a long time to realize I was dead, and even then I didn’t come alive for quite awhile after that. But when I did come alive, and now that I am coming alive more and more every day, I can’t believe I spent so much time in the coffin. Louie said it a lot better than I can and these words have stuck with me:

“The difference between being dead and alive is dramatic and remarkable”.

I will raise my hand and testify, that the difference between the dead me and the living me is dramatic and remarkable for sure.

Credit can be given to God and God alone for saving me and bringing me back to life as well as everyone else who is alive in Him. As Matt Redman sang, He alone can rescue and save and lift us from the grave. Our shame was deeper than the sea, but His grace was deeper still.

My question for you is this: not are you good or bad, because we are all good and all bad. But are you alive in Christ or are you walking around this earth dead?  You can’t come alive until you realize you are dead and you will never know the dramatic and remarkable difference that comes with being alive until you find life in Christ.

Rise out of your coffin, my friends and come alive,

<3 Jenna

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