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Day 5- 18th Birthday :)

Personal, Words

May 18, 2010

18th Birthday 🙂 I’m not in Panama City Beach like I imagined last year..I’m completely okay with that. Painted my bedroom from 7012 and then helped the men outside putting up tents. I learned how to properly use an axe as well. Even though they all got a kick out of watching me chop away to no avail for an unnecessary length of time before showing me how to actually accomplish something.

After lunch, the boys brought out a surprise birthday cake that Deloras had bought me. She is so sweet. After lunch we went on a drive to see Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area.

The destruction and poverty was horrendous. Rubble and debris everywhere. The whole drive was very sad and depressing.


Before going back to the compound, we stopped at the orphanage one last time. Those kids would never fail to make my day. They act like they don’t even realize the disaster they’re in the middle of. All they want is some love and attention and we were happy to give it to them. It’s hard to find hope in a place like this, but there is more than a faint glimmer of it at that house.

After driving around today I realized how overwhelming the help that is needed here and I finally realize that I would not be able to even make a dent in it. So even though I’ve been so disappointed all week about not going out, this is where I can do the most good and this is where God intended for me to work. To build tent pads for the missionaries to come. Missionaries who will be able to go out and make a difference in the future. It’s not about me. I may not have lots of cool stories to tell, but the missionaries that come to stay here in the future will and I am more than happy to help provide them a place to stay. For that, I am thankful and flad I could help.

Love in Destruction

There is no whisper floating through the streets
Every corner screams of deperation
There are no smooth roads stretched beneath these feet
Every path is wrecked with destruction

Silent cries for help
Dry tears of pain
All is not lost, yet nothing is found
go ahead and send the rain
Send the destruction, send more destruction

There is no justice from these police
the politicians lobby for corruption
There is no cake to let them eat
their hunger is more than starvation

Silent cries for help
Dry tears of pain
All is not lost, yet nothing is found
go ahead and send the rain
Send the destruction. Send more destruction.

All is not lost, for some hope is found
in a child’s smile is salvation
Bright eyes and an innocent heart
ask not for bread, but affection

Simple cries for love
dry tears express no pain
All is not lost, for Your love can be found
In the midst of destruction, Your love overcomes
Send more destruction

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