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Day 4-paint the day

Personal, Words

May 18, 2010

Woke up at 6 and made breakfast. Deloras asked us to paint her bedrooms and bathrooms for her so after breakfast we started. It doesn’t look great because it’s hard to paint smoothly on concrete with paper rollers and water paint, but it does look a great deal brighter inside. A lot more homy than dank concrete walls especially without light. We’ve been doing that for about 6 hours now and my arms are getting weary from painting the ceiling. I’m about ready to move on to something else.

Tyler is going to ask Sam about the health clinic..fingers crossed.

While painting I started talking to God about the trip and how I was still waiting for something to happen. Then I started to question why I am expecting to get something out of the trip in the first place. I go on mission to help other people and because God sends me, not because I want something out of it.

I’ve got to realize that even if I don’t get to go out and help the Haitains directly, I am helping all future volunteers by helping Sam and Deloras and that is enough. There is no job too small.

Still no health clinic, but i’ve had a great afternoon. Went out and helped the team build the pads and I felt a lot more useful this time. I guess they’re getting tired and appreciate the help by now.

While cooking dinner, I helped Deloras some about nursing. I’m interested to find out ¬†some more about it. She told me about a program called “Journeymen” which is nursing in missions for 2 years. Sounds interesting…

Colors of You

Paint these walls with brighter days
Shades of sunshine, of hope, of grace
This city is sickened of blacks and grays
a reflection of each tired and hungry face

We search for streets of gold
and water that’s blue
Must we wait until heaven
to see the colors of You?

The morning sun rises deep orange and red
a mere mirage of the rare hopeful heart
But the painter expresses the perpetual dread
with strokes of orange dust and red blood in his art

We search for violet robes of royalty
and green earth of life made new
Must we wait until heaven
to see the colors of You?

Paint these hearts with brighter days
Shades of faith, of love, of grace
This world has fallen into dark sinful ways
reflected upon each sunken weary face

Must we wait until heaven?
Must we wait until salvation?
Paint us with brighter days
Paint us with deeper shades of grace

We search for some sign of You
Paint us a more beautiful view.

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