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Day 3- Kingdoms Down

Personal, Words

May 18, 2010

Work, work, work all day long. Woke up by 6 and ate some oatmeal and then started working on laying block foundation for the tent pads. We worked straight from breakfast until lunch. It’s only mid-day and I’m already hot, hungry, and tired. oy. Still hoping for the chance to go out and work with the people some.


A disaster relief team of old men from Oklahoma came in and took over the work. They happen to have a professional block layer (that exists?). Yay! not. He undid all the blocks we spent 2 days laying and started over. So Pissed. We’ve essentially wasted all that time and energy and now feel completely useless.

Deloras hinted that she might arrange for us to visit the hospital or something else tomorrow or Wednesday. I sure hope we can. I’ve been told by so many people that God has great things planned for this week, but I”m getting impatient and I feell like I’m missing it. Maybe because we have only left the compound once since we got here.

Maybe I’m just not listening.

I hope God reveals something to me soon. Especially since the relief team got here and I don’t have as much to offer here workwise anymore.





 Kingdoms Down

All of our progress tumbles with each new disaster
These walls tremble with distress
They tumble with every breeze of desperation
And are washed away by every teardrop the sky posessed.
The cornerstone is corruption
the foundation is deception
And every block set on top crumbles to waste

Breathe some wind to blow it down
Spill some rain to wash it away
Flash the lightning to open our eyes
Call to our hearts with thunder today

Nothing is set in stone, nothing is sturdy or sound
Even our marble hearts can be changed
and the lost souls within can be foundBreathe some wind to blow it
Spill some rain to wash it away
Flash the lightning to open our eyes
Call to our hearts with thunder today

Bring Your Kingdom into view
and Knock our imitations down

Yeah, Knock our kingdoms down.

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