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i dream of conquering the world

Personal, Words

May 13, 2010

The love for equals is a human thing-of friend for friend, brother for brother. It is to love what is loving and lovely.The world smiles.

The love for the less fortunate is a beautiful thing-the love for those who suffer, for those who are poor,the sick, the failure, the unlovely.This is compassion and it touches the heart of the world.

The love for the more fortunate is a rare thing-to love those who succeed where we fail,to rejoice without envy with those who rejoice, the love of the poor for the rich, of the black man for the white man. The world is always bewildered by its saints.

And then there is the love for the enemy– love for the one that does not love you but mocks, threatens, and inflicts pain.The tortured’s love for the torturer.This is God’s love. It conquers the world.”  -Frederick nBuechner

I make the world smile every day. I honestly love my friends more than I could say. I have no problem doing anything I can for them.

I’ve made it my goal to touch the heart of the world. There’s nothing greater than helping someone who needs it or showing love to someone who doesn’t have it. I want to spend my life helping the helpless and loving the less-fortunate, not only on mission trips, but in my daily activities.

I’m getting better at bewildering the world. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been a pretty jealous person most of my life. I’ve grown up in a very competitive family and I base a lot of my own self-worth on how I compare to others. I’ve learned to celebrate other peoples’ achievements though, and honestly be happy for them, even when I fall on my face. I’ve become so proud of my friends and their talents and I want nothing more than to see them do well in everything they do.

My love stops there. The world is conquering me. I award my enemies with hate. I dish back what I am served and lay down like a doormat before humanity. It’s time to peel myself off the floor and arm myself. I believe in fighting not only for love, but fighting with love. When we are attacked by hate, and we must respond in love. As MLKJ said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”. I want to conquer the world.

Who’s with me?

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