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It’s hard to be yourself

Personal, Words

March 8, 2010

It’s hard to be yourself..
When you’re everything to everyone else
When you’re a model to the younger
  but an equal to your peers
When you’re captain to the team
  but a number to the judge
When you’re a leading lady in the script
  but a chorus girl in your mind
When you’re a leader at church
  but a follower at school
When you’re pulled together on the outside
  but a mess on the inside
When you’re wise beyond your years in your words
  but will be forever young and foolish in your actions
When you give all you can offer
  but are in dire need of love yourself
When you welcome the challenge of the climb
  but are secretly afraid of the fall
When you are strongly convicted
  but equally tempted
When you score high on the SAT
  but low on your progress report
When you can play anything on the piano 
  so long as someone else writes the notes
When you give good advice to others
  but can’t take it yourself
When you don’t need a man
  but really wish that he would call
When you’re a hard worker
  but long for a day off
When you’re a lover not a fighter
  but you find yourself in every fight
When you’re just one of the guys
  but are really a princess in disguise
When you dream big
  but your faith is small
When you have a lot to say
  but hesitate to talk
When you say you’re okay
  after a terrible day
When you wish you could sleep all day
  but lie awake at night
When you lose yourself to low self-esteem
  and your friends to your foolish pride
When you win all the games
  except for when it truly counts
When you build new relationships
  but burn far more down
When you’re a bigshot senior
  applying for fresman dorms
When you drink your coffee hot
  but like it cold
When you laugh in the face of danger
  but find comfort in the safety of numbers
When you live like the hero
  but are jealous of the damsel
When they think you’re invincible
  but you know you’re vulnerable
..It’s hard to be yourself

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