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“My best days are ahead of me..”

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February 8, 2010

I’ve been trying to dredge up some inspiration and block out some time to write all week and have failed on both accounts. I blame this primarily on my drained coffee fund over the past few days :p (However, God provides and I won the gift card of the week in Rock U tonight, so i’m covered for this week! 😉  I was determined to write about something tonight, though, so I focused on my inspiration for the time being…my countdown:

         321 Days til Christmas
         209 Days til Move in Day
         166 Days til Dawg Camp
         155 Days til Student Life Camp
         120 Days til Kenya
         111 Days til Jamaica
         110 Days til Graduation
         98 Days til Senior Recital
         67 Days til Opening Night
         59 Days til my 18th Birthday
         55 Days til Spring Break- Dominican Republic
         33 Days til DNow
         3 Days til Band Trip- Disney/Bahama Cruise

I wish all these things would hurry up and get here, but there are so many preparations to be made, lessons to be learned, dollars to be earned and memories to be made before I can reach it. I think if I can make it through the next 3 days and get on the bus headed south and get my toes in the bright blue waters of the Caribbean for a few days I will have just the recovery time I need to make it to the next big event….and that’s one big IF.

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